Pickled Okra

pickled okra

Pickled okra by Simply Recipes

This pickled okra recipe is so simple and so yummy. Although many complain about okra’s slime factor, pickled okra is not. It’s the only way I will eat okra…the only way. Give it a try…it will change your taste buds.

A few notes:

  1. Leave 1/4″ of the stem on the okra pod. I made the mistake of cutting the entire stem, and it ruined the entire batch.
  2. Instead of red pepper flakes, I used a whole hot chili pepper (organic, of course)
  3. Don’t boil the brine. Just whisk the ingredients together in a small bowl and pour into your jar. Boiling will kill all the beneficial bacteria.
  4. Also, put the lemon slices on top vs. the bottom of the jar. It will add flavoring to the okra pickles AND serve as a weight so the okra doesn’t float to the top, avoiding the dead space at the bottom.

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