What is GRACE?

GRACE. Before a few years ago, when I heard the word, ‘Grace,’ I immediately associated the word with being religious or tied to organized religion and didn’t think much beyond this. But in recent weeks, the word GRACE has been floating around in my mind, i.e, what actually is GRACE and is there any significance in life? And because of its persistence, I thought, what a perfect topic for a blog post.

As a spiritual, non-religious person, this is what GRACE means to me.


–Understanding it’s meaning only after a life-altering experience where it tears down your walls of defenses from the inside out after so many years of building them up. By destroying the defenses you spent so many years building, it enables you to become a more authentic version of the person you are meant to be…a more honest you. It is a process of self-acceptance and gratitude for the innate gifts/talents given to you.

–Being patient and having faith that the best possible outcomes will happen, on the universe’s time, not yours. Call it what you will…faith, a knowing…it’s a deep belief and conviction that something good will happen after much perseverance.

–Knowing when to speak up and when to keep quiet.

–Speaking your truth. By honestly communicating to those people important in your life when something is bothering you about something the other person did, you open the door for a deeper and more meaningful relationship, not just surface or superficial stuff. Of course, your approach and choice of words are most important…communicating kindly is most effective. Speaking your truth is not easy! It is much easier to let things that bother you slide, mostly because you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. But by being honest, you honor yourself and value the other person.

But what happens if it doesn’t lead to a more meaningful relationship or even blunts it? Leave it alone and enjoy the relationship as it is…you cannot force change.

–Building others up, not tearing them down.

–Forgiveness. And knowing there are situations that are unforgivable based on your own moral code.

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