running tap water and scrubbing your fruits and vegetables as effective as veggie and fruit washes available on the market

A Very Budget Friendly Fruit and Veggie Wash (by Dr. Gregor of Nutrition Facts)

Have you heard of Nutrition Facts? It’s a great website on everything related to health.  Started by Michael McGregor, MD years ago, Nutrition Facts is a “strictly non-commercial, science-based public service”…” providing free updates on the latest in nutrition research via bite-sized videos. There are more than a thousand videos on nearly every aspect of healthy eating, with new videos and articles uploaded every day.” Here’s the link to  Sign up…you’ll learn so much as you change your eating and lifestyle habits.

The information in this post is for you who are conscientious about your health and how you prepare your food, especially fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Because I was a leukemia and stem cell transplant patient, I am writing this post especially for them because of their vulnerability to infections.

For new stem cell transplant patients, preventing infection is critical because of the LACK of a properly functioning immune system. Vulnerability is present until you are finished with your pediatric immunizations.  Just to remind you, undergoing a stem cell transplant is basically doing an overhaul of your own immune system and replacing with a donor’s stem cells. In other words, a stem cell transplant completely wipes out your immune system leaving you with no immunity to ward off the simplest to nastiest of infections. That’s why being diligent with the way you prepare your foods is critical.

Dr. Gregor summarizes that scrubbing your fruits and vegetables with plain running tap water removes 80% of any existing pesticide residues. He further concludes the commercial veggie & fruit cleaners available on the market do not remove any more than the same 80% of remaining pesticides nor did the washing with dish detergent and tap water. post about plain running tap water and scrubbing vegetables and fruit is just as effective as the fruit and veggie washes available on the your money!
Book, “How not To Die” written by Michael Greger, MD

So the takeaway here is:

  1. wash your vegetables and fruit well under running water vs standing water and scrub well. Despite the fact researchers found no further pesticide residue was removed using dish detergent with running water, I still prefer to use a small amount of soap with a scrub brush when cleaning my vegetables and fruit.  Because I’ve been to hell and back due to leukemia and stem cell transplant, I will always be careful in food preparation and avoid potential infectious situations. ALWAYS.
  2. Do something fun with the money you save from not buying fruit & veggie washes available on the market.


How To Make Your Own Fruit & Veggie Wash by Nutrition Facts.

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