Last Night I Dreamed I Went To…

 Dog Heaven. 

For book lovers, I bet you thought I was going to say, ‘Manderly”!  Ha! And for nonbook lovers, “Last Night I Dreamed I went to Manderly” is the opening sentence in the book Rebecca written by Daphne du Maurier and published in 1938. Manderly, a mansion, is the setting for the start of a looming tragedy. But enough about Manderly, let’s get back to my dream about going to Dog Heaven.

I didn’t know such a place existed until I visited a few months ago while sleeping. Picture this. Suddenly I was standing in a meadow standing knee-high in chartreuse-colored grass mixed with wildflowers of daisies, cornflowers, and poppies. The sky is clear blue with billowy white clouds slowly drifting away. And it’s very quiet. As I stand there savoring the beauty surrounding me, I feel a presence of warmth and it comforts me. I turn my head, and there is CJ (aka Cowboy Junior) sitting quietly alongside of me, looking at me with those amber greenish eyes of his with a knowing look as if to say, “It’s all good.” Looking at him, I see he is happy and content in Dog Heaven. And that makes me glad. And the dream ends.

P.S. CJ was the standard poodle I raised from a puppy. We had a lot of good times together until his death 2 months before I was diagnosed with 2 types of leukemia (CMML and AML) and needed a stem cell transplant to save my life. Here’s the post about Dogs As Caregivers.
a poem about Dog Heaven from a dog’s perspective


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