Nature in the ‘Hood

The area that I live in is called Oakhurst, a one square mile little neighborhood that I fondly call the ‘City for Misfits.’ Anyone is welcomed…the only caveat is you must do no harm. That said, I’d like to introduce you to the Wylde Center, formerly known as the Oakhurst Community Garden.

The history of The Garden starts off with an unused plot of land that was going to weeds, unsightly brambles, and overgrown trees and shrubs…it was an unloved piece of land. Then one of Oakhurst’s neighbors, an artist named Sally Wylde and her husband bought this little tract of land many years ago with the vision of creating a community garden in the Oakhurst neighborhood. Back then, the garden was named the Oakhurst Community Garden, and it was and still is a thriving place of woodland gardens, garden plots for rent, chickens, educational classes, and so much more. Sadly, Sally Wylde died from breast cancer a few years back, and thus the decision to rename the garden to the Wylde Center.

Take a stroll with me through the Wylde Center, aka, Oakhurst Community Garden and soothe your eyes and your soul.

Japanese cherry tree
crocus is among the early spring flowers

Below, the picture to the left is the sign welcoming you into the garden. And to right, is the plan for its future growth.


nice touch!
white camelia…totally gorgeous
cob house

I watched the cob house being built by a team of volunteers ranging from kids to adults; I volunteered by observing…haha! A cob house is made with clay, water, and organic material usually straw and therefore very inexpensive but at the same time, very labor intensive. The cool thing about building out of natural materials is your ability to create sculptural forms and whimsical features, such as using colored bottles for windows, creating seats and built-in shelves…your imagination is the limit. Building cob houses have been revived in recent years by building and sustainability movements and fit in so well in community gardens. If you belong to a community garden, a cob house is a cool thing to have!

The Oakhurst cob house is built for children…a home of their own where only people of little stature will fit, and sit on little seats, and look through little round glass (bottles) windows. Moms and Dads come with their little kids, sit around the cob house and read to them on sunny days.

Where to?

Home to tree gnomes


Here’s what’s going on in my garden…hellebores!!!


hellebores are self-seeding…see the seeds on the leaves? These will drop to the ground and germinate or be carried by the wind.



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