heirloom tomatoes_seed-savers-exchange_non-GMO-seeds_GMO-free-seeds_safe-seed-pledge

SEEDS!for 2019

As January rolls around, this is the month that seed catalogs are mailed and I wait eagerly their arrival. Call me nerdy, but I love browsing through the catalogs dreaming of what vegetables and flowers to plant for the year. Some are tried and true, others are experimental, but ALL are necessary! If you start your garden from seed, please buy from seed companies who have taken The Safe Seed Pledge…dedicated to GMO-free (GMO=genetically modified organism) seeds. Refer to my previous post on this topic too.
But before talking about physical seeds, let’s talk about intangible seeds…those seeds that are your dreams, wishes, hidden desires you don’t share with others or

don’t have regrets

if you do, to a very select few. Don’t forget to plant these more important seeds because they represent you and who you want to become and what you want to achieve. Care and maintenance are equally important in your intangible garden as in the physical garden. What I mean is, put as much attention, effort, and care or more to your intangible garden as the physical one.
So, as you plant the physical seeds this spring, plant your intangible ones right alongside them, work hard, and watch them grow and flourish!

It’s all about the tomato!

From Seed Savers Exchange (SSE)…the stories of how the seeds became part of SSE is the most interesting of all.

heirloom tomatoes_seed-savers-exchange_non-GMO-seeds_GMO-free-seeds_safe-seed-pledge
Seed Savers Exchange (SSE)
  • Black Sea Man – Russian variety
  • Brandywine – historic variety. Named after Brandywine Creek in Chester, Pennsylvania
  • Crnkovich Yugoslavian – Named after Yasha Crnkovich who bought the seed from the Old County…yields huge pink tomatoes weighing up to 1 pound!
  • Dester – here’s the story from SSE’s catalog…donated by a Missouri farmer who received the seed from an Amish woman in Seymour, Missouri. She originally got her seeds from a doctor she worked for whose family had brought the seeds with them from Germany.
  • Nebraska Wedding – given to SSE member by a friend whose ancestors brought this variety to Nebraska in the late 1800s, and given to newlywed family members and friends.

Carrots, Celery, Arugula from Seed Savers Exchange + Territorial Seeds

Seed Savers Exchange + Territorial Seed Company
  • Paris Market Carrot – nineteenth French variety. Perfect for containers!
  • Red Cored Chantenay – has a red-orange core…perfect for eating raw, salads and soups.
  • Tall Utah Celery – even celery have hearts! The hearts are compact and the plant has a light refreshing flavor.
  • Arugula – who doesn’t like arugula! One of my favorite Mediterranean greens…sharp nutty flavor. Great for salads and sammies.
  • Sylvetta – wild arugula by Territorial Seed Company who has taken The Safe Seed Pledge. Smaller and slower growing than salad arugula, but makes up for it with a peppery flavor.

Peppers, Peppers, and More Peppers…hotter, the better!

Seed Savers Exchange + Territorial Seed Company
  • Hot Portugal – seeds given by a New York resident back in 1935 who claimed it was the best hot pepper.
  • Napolean Sweet – a new one for me. Eight-inch long bells are stated to be mild as apples…will let you know.
  • Beaver Dam – hot pepper. Medium hot pepper has slow-building heat.
  • Early Jalapeno – Most of us are familiar with green jalapenos, but are hottest when peppers are completely red.
  • Long Thin Cayenne – very hot. Fruit turns red when ripe and excellent as dried pepper.

Beets and Radish

Seed Savers Exchange + Territorial Seed Company
  • Watermelon radish – aka Rosehart and Chinese Red Meat. They are so pretty…the reason why I’m trying these.
  • Stargazer radish – the interior is very similar in appearance as the Watermelon radish by Seed Savers Exchange, just a different name.
  • Chioggia beets – an Italian beet…has alternating rings of bright pink and white, similar to the cross-section of a tree trunk.

Renee’s Garden Seeds

doll babies watermelon, summer scallop trio, and heirloom cutting zinnias by Renee’s Garden
  • Doll Babies – heirloom watermelon seeds. Small fruit with pinky-red or yellow flesh…excited to see how these plants grow and taste.
  • Scallop Trio – pattypan squash that grows buttercup-yellow, dark green and apple-green colors.
  • Heirloom Cutting Zinnias – I planted these last year, and love them! They grow to 3.5 feet tall, and in all the colors shown in the seed packet. Oh, and bloom spring to fall. Just beautiful.

Happy Gardening!

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