Update on fall/winter vegetables

It’s time to give you an update on a few of the fall vegetables I planted in September 2018. Anyone living in Atlanta is lucky…we have two growing seasons because of the mild winters. The picture below is of seeds for shelling peas (peas that you remove from pods)…each seed is 1/4 inch or 0.25 inch. These shelling pea seeds are called Green Arrow by Territorial Seeds.

shelling pea seeds; each seed = 0.25 inches


The above seeds give growth to these plants…

a row of shelling peas

The thin fingerlike projections are called tendrils. Tendril is a specialized stem or leaf that is threadlike and used by climbing plants for support. If you look closely at the tendrils in the picture below, you can see all sorts of interesting shapes and things…a curly mustache, a caterpillar, a design element, an upside down curly unibrow, a wide curly ‘w’, outline of the butt and breasts, the number ‘3’, cursive capital ‘E’. Amazing that a lacy, fragile looking ‘finger’ can support a plant that grows up to 3 feet tall and produces many, many pea pods!

tendrils on shelling pea plant


Nappa cabbage (aka Chinese cabbage)

This is my first time growing any type of cabbage, and I am marveling at how the leaves start turning inward to form the head of a cabbage that you see in grocery stores…how cool is that!

napa cabbage before it’s leaves start turning inward to form the head
top view of napa cabbage…see the leaves turning to curl and turning inward?
side view of napa cabbage leaves curling inward to begin shaping head.


Dinosaur kale & curly kale

I planted lacinato kale, aka dinosaur kale, and curly kale in September. The leaves of the lacinato kale resemble the skin of a dinosaur and taste slightly sweeter and more delicate than curly kale. Needless to say, it is delicious and you MUST try it!

dinosaur kale, aka lacinato kale
an impression of dinosaur skin


dinosaur kale + curly kale cleaned and ready for use in cooking or eaten raw

There are many wonderful recipes using kale…soups, stews, salads, kale chips, kale smoothies, kale over spaghetti…



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