Caregivers Note #2

Dear Caregiver,

In a previous post, I described the types of Caregivers involved in caring for those recovering from a stem cell transplant…direct and indirect caregivers. All are important in their own way. Seemingly small gestures of kindness or gifts can have such an impact on patients’ recovery. And by gifts, I don’t mean the kind that requires coins or folded paper. I am referring to the type you know people are thinking of you and hoping the best for you. The kind that requires them to take a few extra moments in their day to MAKE your day. Like, praying for you, sending snail mail cards, and texting pictures of nature taken on walks in your neighborhood.

Receiving these pictures while I was hospitalized and recovering at home gave me a sense of belonging in a world of such beauty, allowing me to forget for just a moment where I was and how I really felt. Getting these pictures soothed my eyes and soothed my soul when it was most needed. 

I wonder if the sender-caregiver realized how much it meant and helped me heal to receive these random pictures of everyday life. I truly believe that being in nature heals the spirit, which in turn, heals the body. Both are interrelated and interconnected.

It is these small gestures that carry so much weight and meaning for those who are doing their best in recovering from a major illness. So, Caregivers, it is the small acts of kindness that mean the most…your in-person visits, a text, a phone call, a card, a sweet treat, or just being there.

Here is a round-up of the pictures texted to me during 2016 through 2018. All pictures were taken in Richmond, Virginia.




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