Something from nothing

It’s May, and last year’s trumpet and honeysuckle vines need to be pruned back…they are everywhere and a tangled mess! If you live in the city, you are responsible for maintaining the sidewalk and street surfaces so pedestrians have a clear and debris free stroll.
dried vines need pruning!

While pruning away the dead vines, a thought occurred…instead of discarding the dried vines, I’ll save them to build something. Reminds me of a saying, “an artist is never poor.”

A wood obelisk for the garden is the perfect way to upcycle dried vines, and plant moonflower seeds (love these!) to climb the obelisk. I took 4, old tomato stakes, drilled holes at the top, threaded wire through the 4 stakes, and tied 4 lateral supports towards the base, and twirled the vines around the stakes, and viola…an obelisk!

The moonflower seeds are non-GMO by Botanical Interests.

twig obelisk
Image result for moonflower vine
picture of moonflower vine…seeds planted at the base of twig obelisk

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