Starting fresh with raised cedar beds

Glad you found me…maybe we can make sense of this journey called life through gardening, blogging, preserving and creating art for the garden.

It is 22 months post-stem-cell transplant, and I decided to take my gardening know-how and start off doing things right this time. Being a budget conscious individual, this philosophy is perfect for the garden. But this year, I decided to take an easier route and started off with purchasing raised cedar beds from Greene’s Fence. In fact, I bought, rather than made, 4 raised beds because the cost of hiring someone to build was exorbitant. These raised beds are soooo easy to assemble…no tools needed. You just slide the boards in the corner posts, and voila, you have a raised bed! It took me 15 minutes to assemble each one. Oh, you do need a screwdriver to attach the caps onto the post, but it was so easy. The nice thing about Greene’s is, you can build to your own specifications.

The first is the 2’x8’x10.5″ cedar bed, and the 2nd is 2’x4’x10.5″ You can add on to these if you wish. I planted my seedlings a month ago. To these raised beds, I added garden soil purchased from my local home improvement store. Georgia soil is clay, and of course, nothing grows in this type of soil.
Raised cedar garden bed, 2’x8’x10.5″  Heirloom tomatoes, hot peppers, and basil thrive here.

Since this bed is for heirloom tomatoes, I hired someone to pound in 10 feet rebars every 2 tomato plants as the infrastructure to support the plants as they grew. Then, natural twine is used to provide the horizontal support. So as the plants grow, the stalk and leaves are tucked in between the twine…works perfectly, and is an inexpensive solution to some of the expensive tomato cages on the market.
Raised cedar garden bed #1. Dimensions: 2’x4’x10.5″  All types of herbs and cucumbers live here.


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